03 November 2008

A Charity that refused Donations ...

... because it was associated with the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.



As has been reported by a few other gaming blogs and news sites, the Charity Auction at this year's GenCon Indianapolis was held to benefit Gary Gygax's favorite charity, which I will not name here for reasons that will soon become obvious. The fine folks at GenCon raised over $17,000 for this charity, which helps starving children in impovershed areas of the world--only to have that money actually turned down by the charity. The charity refused due to the fact that the money was raised partly by the sales of Dungeons and Dragons materials, which as we all know, puts an irrevocable taint of evil on the filthy lucre that us demon-worshipping gamers might want to use to, say, donate to starving children. Not only is this a slap in the face to every gamer, but it is especially insulting to Mr. Gygax himself, who I understand donated to their cause many times over the years. Plus, I'm sure the children who would have gotten food or clean drinking water with that money would be sort of upset, too.

I bring this story to your attention not simply so that you might let the people at this charity know how you feel (especially if you have donated to it before, as many did in the wake of Mr. Gygax's passing), but so that you would be aware that there is an alternative charity that I would personally recommend (based on our own charitable giving) if you have a desire to donate money to help starving children. Plan USA is a worldwide charity aimed at helping those who live in poverty and/or have suffered from a natural disaster, particularly with monthly sponsorships of individual children. Since the money of D&D players is clearly not welcome at this other charity, I can't recommend Plan USA highly enough to those interested in giving anyway. At least if you choose to donate through them, there's no chance your generous gifts to the starving children of the world will be rejected due to your weekend hobby.

(Incidentally, GenCon was also able to find another worthy charity with an entirely different focus, the Fisher House Foundation, that was willing to accept the money given in good faith by GenCon attendees.)


and a forum where they discuss it


20 August 2008

Wondering the Piazza

Wearing it on my sleeve


Let's try not to get ahead of things here.
"There is nothing to regret", thats a constant reminder for myself.

First off, I think I still have problems letting go ... of personal gripes and issues. Certain quirks that possibly cause me minor distress. Emotional maladies I could do without

But it's getting better. It's an inching effort but I feel less guilt about letting go than I would have a year ago. That's some progress, no?

On the theatre front - I'm a little in the air about who I'm keeping in touch with in the aftermath of leaving

Shuffling into my new job alright, I think. The past 2 months has been been an adjustment. Turns out changing jobs is as painful a transition as insects on your wind-shield on the speedway.
Annoying, but incriminatingly vision wrecking.

Let's add whip cream and a cherry on top.
I'm not even sure wether I've done tight by going back into advertising. It feels no different than it was years before. I may be better but on a personal level, it feels like I've not gone anywhere.

My boyfriend (I'll get to that) - suggests Visual Merchandizing.
I'll do some research.


Definitely in a slump. No excuses there.
The Art Initiative fell through, well I did keep optimistic. no?
Personal art projects - well .... besides spending a whole collective time of 30 minutes through a stretch of a week doing something.
Yea, its not going anywhere.
Neither is my RPG game.

Though Elton's doing a decent job GM'ing 4th ed. !
Not a strong supporter but there are aspects to the 4th ed. that I really like!


Definitely some progress here, and I'll be attributing these to consistency if nothing else. Although, I feel little change , I've been informed there is a more visible one from the folks outside.
Good eh, but I think I need to step up on on the routines and weight - so I can feel the difference instead. I'm certainly a little heavier but I'm not sure if its all muscle.

I know my diet sucks right now because I can't control the lunch menu most of the time (there's a hired cook in the new office).
Who won't be staying long ... Love

Yea this is the juicy part. yes?

I think its love. There's a greater expectancy ... a stronger gut feeling that I'm out to lose more if I lose him. A deeper sense of involvement.
And its only the second month.

I met Julian after commenting on a random photo of a theatre acquaintance on Facebook. Yea, its the whole "What a bunch of temptingly good looking guy!" - or something that that effect.

Julian responded in an e-mail because he was still unfamiliar with how to reply to the photo comment.

And thats when the e-mail exchanges began. And I loved it.
Its was hard enough finding people to write you e-mails rather than notes, and it was long involved e-mails that asked questions, listened to answer and responded in kind.

There's not much else I can say happened in between. maybe too much, but it will hold little relevance to anyone but us. Suffice to say, and against all my feelings about flash-fire romances ... we starting dating.

We may be different but it seems through an through, the more we discover about each other the more alike we want to live our lives. In different directions maybe, but with the same drive and intention. And we respect out differences.

And he allows me to be affectionate with him in public.
Not for the meek-minded, but I'm very physical in public I'm always holding his waist when we walk and holding him close on the escalators. And he feels at home. I think thats the best part, the comfort he feels with me.

Ok, thats enough for today.

A little rusty on Prose but here goes ...

Snails pace,
Snails race
Ne'er sore

Man's tall,
Man's fall,
from grace

Fire's burn
Minds discern
I wonder where it all went.


06 May 2008

SuperHellion Smackdown!


I plucked this off someone in RPG Net.

"That plan makes a lot of sense, in the REAL WORLD. In comic book world all you have to do is persuade Iron Man to stop using his amazing new source of power to fight petty criminals and put it under the bonnet of every motor vehicle in the Western World, turn all that teleporter and anti-gravity shit in Superman's Fortress of Solitude into a public transport system that replaces all buses, trains and planes, persuade Mr Fantastic (the dick) to use his genius to make the world a better place instead of locking his friends up in a interdimensional prison, oh and get Batman to use his leet skillz for something useful other than beating up petty criminals and psychotics. Also, Wonder Woman, lasso of truth, do you know how much the court system costs? If she just flew round the country asking every murderer "Did you do it?" "Were they really asking for it?" Millions saved on capital trials and more justice. Oh, and all the superheroes with KINGDOMS; Aquaman,Sub mariner, Black Panther; WORST RULERS EVAR! Do something useful, liek using all that bullshit technology for a space program so that we're not all stuck on this rock next time a meteorite hits/Gallactus gets peckish.

See; better world, 90% of the population didn't have to die, the superheroes just had to stop being dicks.

Having said all that, I would probably kill 90% of the population if I was an evil mastermind, just to give the remaining 10% a sense of vigorous aliveness."


05 May 2008

Ungruence Cells


Its been an odd week – weekend so to speak.

I thought I’d have a little more time to do things over the extended week since after Labour Day (Thursday), I had taken 2 days off, and then Sunday. But strangely, less-than-happy realization were given time to resurface after simmering for awhile.

I suppose its makes some sense and the lid had to come off at some point, but nevertheless it is not always what we sought for.

Perhaps my horoscope was right all those years ago concerning my job / career. I’ll stagnant if I stay too long, and right now the smaller things at work are beginning to get to me. I try and keep focus on the more positive aspects of work but it seems I become less of a designer if I don’t pour myself in the theatre industry (since I work in a theatre). It’s a pretty long story but in the end, I’d console myself into thinking – this isn’t what my intention for life is about.
Theatre was a good run and its okay if it comes to an end.
And that’s when a person has to realize, you’ve already let go.

I need to move on to stay myself and keep evolving.
This would be an ideal job if someone wants to have a grand scheme or design into the theatre industry as a writer, actor, director, performer, auteur, lover of the arts WITH moderate to skilled design skills.
But I’m a designer who’s fallen into theatre as a dabbler. I should have known I come with an expiry date if I’m unwilling to put up with drama-tics in the long run with little personal satisfaction from which is has to come from art, theatre that is – not design.
It help that I don’t like one of my colleagues as well :D.
Overheard "Where do you work?" "at an NGO" ... i think that how I should answer from now on.

But I still stand by the case, I need to find at least one good job before I tender my resignation here. It feels like the proper way,

I think I’ve ranted long enough on this.

Much to my own disappointment, I did not manage to get any illustrations done. This frustrates me. This angers me most of all about my weekend.
I spent too much just going out and catching up with friends. I could have headed back earlier, spent less on food, just … something that would be more suitable to the current lifestyle I’m trying to adopt.
But I didn’t,
On the other hand, I’ve been rather well behaved when it comes to gym time. I should do my gals like my gym. Dedicate non-negotiable nights with myself on when I illustrate at home.

I have little and no excuse really, to pander and test out my strength and the machines anymore at the gym. A month is up – and I’ve gotten some very good and helpful tips from a good friend, AJ over the past 2 weeks and I’ve started a sort of online progress journal of my physical pursuit.
Its slow … but I hope its steady.

To chalk up another sad mote to this already somber dirge of a weekend; is the sad fact we did not gather to d the Art Initiative as I have come to call it.

After a confirmation text message I sent out the day before and the reply that the girl is on holiday in Hanoi and could not make it, I was discouraged.
Truth be told, she did inform us of a holiday she had planned for Hanoi 2 weeks prior but the exact date wasn’t confirmed nor was there a few days worth of warning that for the coming weekend, she would be absent from the country.

As I understand it, she needed the holiday to Hanoi to get away from work related stress, but I had not come to see the Art Initiative as work nor stressful.
It would have been weird to the remainder of us (2) to continue as such because this was an invested project as a group and it would be more than just a formality but the spirit of things to keep the discussions as a group concerted effort.
So much for being consistent at twice a month; every 2 weeks.

Perhaps I had faltered again in my personal lessons in life and invested too much, too early. I could take it as it comes, but that would leave me with a lot of unaccomplished things and unresolved feelings. I cannot choose to resolve this like another person, that that ,,, the proper words escape me, … that would not make me who I am.
Some things more than others anyway.

That leaves me here on Monday.
Wondering how quickly the week will pass me by again and the list of incompleteness that will follow.

Met up for lunch with Sums
Found the DVD ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’
Saw Iron Man (which was not a total disappointment even tho it had Robert Downey Jr.

Another Art Initiative down the drain
A surprising clarity on why my current job taxes me
Didn’t manage to draw anything on my off-days



Last days don’t come often.
I think that they come once, lest they be called
Last Days Again.

First times are virginal
Never the same is replied
Never shy on twice

Forever is a myth,
To understand limitless
Where there is none, but change.

26 April 2008

G.I. Joe

Storm Shadow and the Baroness
Featuring the oh so hot Korean Star

Byung-hun Lee

who is aged 38, sun sign Cancer and a gorgeous 5' 8".
In addition to his native Korean, Lee speaks English, French and Mandarin Chinese fluently.


About the only reasaon why the 2009 movie is watchable.
Certainly not for Channing Tatum taking lead role as Duke or Dennis Quaid as General Hawk.


totally funny!
Click on the WATCH Video link!


24 April 2008

Yam tarts and Egg Rolls


Body Combat
So the class didn’t kill me. But I swear, at one point I was all knackered out with a good sweat that starting like I was caught in a torrential downpour not 10 minutes into the start. Then I looked at the clock behind.
Another half hour to go.
I couldn’t do the basic push-ups toward the end, because my palms were too sweaty to hold on to any surface, mat or not mat.
Ah well –
But all in all it went well, I lasted the whole hour didn’t I and lived to tell the tale!
I went back in the gym the next day to do my weights (light as it was) because I could only take the class that evening. I might actually go again next week!

All things in moderation, I’ve mentioned before. Unfortunately, I wish I could attempt something in excess.
The art is slow, …. Well so far for the week, zilch. So I’m making a point when I go back today to at least DO something on my WACOM tablet!
The writing – well, apparently, we will be working on new material this Saturday so I don’t have to prepare anything.
Didn’t I mention?
I’ve signed up to write some more crap for the amateur theatre, The Oral Stage!
Only this time I’m not sure what’s happening, they’re calling this Saturday a ‘workshop’. I wasn’t aware it was one and to be honest if there’s a entry fee, I might just blow it off.
Vinnie is dragged into too, with much goading on my part but we’ll see about the director portion. For the heck of it, why not direct too while we’re at it, no?


22 April 2008

Robot gobol


I’m not sore.
At all.
Even after my minor playful gripes about feeling the pain the past week over the weights – I’m finding myself missing it. Yes, actually missing the slight soreness in places I never knew muscle existed.
Its weird really.
But onward we go. I’ve been looking at a beginners full body workout. It’s a good gradual workout for beginners and set’s up the first 3 months or so. Which sounds great! I just have to get to beginner’s level!

I’ll get to it once I get used to the routine at the gym. I gotta get used to it so I’ll feel terrible if I miss one session (haha!)
I’ll give myself a month then start on the Beginner’s Workout Programme I have.

On the other hand, Dann suggested and I went along, to go for out first ‘class’ at the gym. A Body-Combat class.
I don’t think I’ll make the first 5 minutes. But we’ll give it a go! Got to get ready for that session with AJ and he’s been taking that class for a few months n now! Can’t look like a total wimp now, can we?
A wimp for sure, but not a total one. I’m happy being half wimpy and the rest wussy.

Falling into place
Still clinging to that hope that after I devote this year to improving myself, the rest will fall into place. Or should that fail, I’m happy enough with myself tat it doesn’t bother me … so much.
He’s out there … or they’re out there. Whichever comes first!

At least try to be one.
If we can’t seek to achieve, we will never receive.
… oh my- that sounds like a start to a dirty limerick.

I have to refine what I need from the Art Initiative. I’m concerned that I have the least to contribute about my own project I’ve presented. Te making of Gay Personal Oracle Tarot Cards is such a personal journey … its difficult to ask others to comment on the technical side of the project.
Maybe a little change in direction for the art project. I don’t want to compromise my project but I may need a more viable one for the team to work on.

Still not word.

Amazing Race Asia 3
No word, I think its best to concede the hope my friend, Vince and I made it.
(and no Vince, this ISN'T whining - its updating whatever few readers I have to my blog ... so there!)



Never talked to the depths before
Not from my shallow crag
Not from the nook of solitude and the cranny of indifference, have I thought to ask.
Or listen.
Or I listen too hard to the sound beating under my skin, in the cranial of my empty humming silent head.
Or do we call them Echo.
Like the story.
Is the voice of this life a story?
To be continued …